ECO Shield Permanent Paint Protection

ECO Sheild Permanent Paint Protection
Factory clearcoat is damaged

1 Surface layer of factory clearcoat is damaged and contaminated.

ECO Shield technician restores the finish.

2 Certified ECO Shield technician restores clearcoat to produce a flawless finish.

Additional ceramic coating  provides ultimate paint protection.

3 Additional ceramic clearcoat binds with the clearcoat delivering the ultimate paint protection.

Distinctly Superior Protection. Exceptionally Brilliant Finish.

ECO Shield is a hard wearing, after-market, ceramic clear coat very similar to factory type clear coats. When professionally applied, the clear resin coating forms a permanent barrier that chemically bonds with the factory paint layers at the micron level, giving them an everlasting mirror-like finish. Unlike paint protection sealants such as PTFE, Nano Sealants or GlassPlexin it does not degrade, will not wash or wear off.

Our industry leading permanent paint protection and shine will enhance the beauty of your vehicle, keeping it looking its best indefinitely. The paint will remain smooth and clean, retaining its color throughout the lifetime of your warranty.

  1. Lifetime warranty on new vehicles, 5-year warranty on used and restored vehicles.
  2. Non-toxic; alkali, acid and salt resistant.
  3. Super hydrophobic effect is practically maintenance free.
  4. Say goodbye to waxing forever!
  5. Complimentary do-it-yourself maintenance kit.

Eliminate the frequent reapplications required of waxes and paint sealants. ECO Shield provides constant, unyielding protection, and is superior in its ability to protect your vehicle’s paint and clear coat from contaminants that may adhere to the surface of your vehicle. It is far more resistant than competing waxes, paint protection sealants or nano-coatings to scratching and chemical sloughing from environmental hazards such as acid rain, sun oxidation, hard water deposits, rust, brake dust, bugs, fading and tree sap.

The only lifetime warranty paint protection.

Unlike waxes and sealants the ceramic sealant will never wear off.


Coating Thickness 1 - 2 Microns .02 Microns
Gloss ★★★★★ ★★
Scratch Resistance ★★★★★
Chemical Resistance ★★★★★ ★★
Warranty Period LIFETIME 5-YEAR
Re-application NO YES
Consumer Rating ★★★★★