Has Your Vehicle Lost its New Car Shine? Get it Back.

Over time, your vehicle's paint finish accumulates damage from environmental hazards like hard water deposits, bird droppings, UV rays and oxidation. Waxing and polishing just just adds to your problem by producing swirl marks, hazing, and micro scratches from high speed buffers, while wearing away precious layers of protective clear coat. So what can you do to reverse the damage and get your car looking new again?

Compare 4xCS paint restoration to traditional wax
and high-speed buffing system.

The 4xCS System Eliminates Imperfections for a Virtually Flawless, Mirror-like Finish.

4xCS is a state-of-the-art paint correction system, entirely different from the traditional high-speed buffing you're used to. With 4xCS, the damage to your vehicle's paint finish is genuinely corrected, not covered up, so you can say "goodbye" to swirl marks, buffing marks, micro scratches, water marks, and all of the imperfections that you've been living with.

Easy, Hassle Free Maintenance

eco shield vip care kit No more driving to the car wash! Easily maintain your brilliant 4xCS finish with our complimentary VIP Care Kit. Simply apply the eco-friendly cleaning solution to the affected areas and wipe clean. You can save hundreds of dollars per year and hundreds of gallons of water.

Invest in 4xCS for Your Car

Scroll down to see a case study based on Kelly Blue Book values where a Dodge Challenger SXT Coupe 2D with like new paint is worth $2,015 more than an identical one with paint in just good condition.

Your Car After 4xCS

Regardless of year, make or model, we'll correct the damage to your paint finish and get your vehicle looking new again.

So, How Do We Get Results Like This?

Our proprietary four step process combines state-of-the-art technology, eco-safe materials, and highly skilled technique.

  • 1 Carefully measure the paint's thickness and condition.
  • 2 Magnify paint 50x to determine the level of polishing needed.
  • 3 Level out imperfections with our proven hybrid polish.
  • 4 Correct surface flaws with our safe dual-action polisher.

Professionally Certified Technicians

All 4xCS technicians must first become certified under the ECO Auto Solutions Certification System. This is the same certification program we use to train technicians at McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati.

Did You Know?

99% of mobile detailers, car washes, and body shops are not professionally trained in modern clear coat technology, and are still using buffing systems from the 1970's! These old buffing systems are dangerous in the hands of untrained auto detailers, and can easily wear away protective layers of clear coat and burn through paint. You could end up having to get your vehicle completely repainted, costing you anywhere from $5-7,000.

Meet 4xCS

We use the latest technology to safely restore your paint to "like new". No tools designed back in the 70's. No compromises. Just the best for you and your car.


A comparison of Kelly Blue Book resale prices reveals that a well-maintained or corrected paint finish can add more than 5%, or thousands of dollars, to your vehicles resale value.

Case Study: 2012 Dodge Challenger

A Dodge Challenger SXT Coupe 2D with the paint restored to "Very Good" condition is valued at $2,015 more than an identical one with paint in "Fair" condition.

Your 4xCS Service Includes:


    Every 4xCS service comes with our "Love it or Your Money Back" guarantee. If you're not happy with your 4xCS service, tell us and we'll make it right.

    Keep your car looking like new with this easy, eco-friendly solution, which can save hundreds of gallons of water each year vs. traditional car washes.
  • Premium Service

    When you purchase ECO Shield, you become part of our extended family. Bring your car to our shop anytime for help with keeping your paint finish perfect.
"Let us show you 4xCS - We'll even come to you..."

Get a 4xCS Demo on Your Vehicle... Free!

For customers in Los Angeles, Oxnard, Ventura County, Orange County and San Diego, we'll come to you for a free in-person demo. We'll treat a small, discreet area of your vehicle at no charge, so you can see first hand how 4xCS can restore your paint finish to "like new".

Email us or call: 1-800-513-4080

Top exotic car dealerships trust 4XCS on their vehicles. Shouldn't you?

We've trained the staff at top luxury car dealers like McLaren of Bevelry Hills and Lamborghini North Los Angeles on proper paint restoration technique through our proprietary 4XCS system. Proven on the best cars in the world... Ready for yours.

"Whether you drive a Honda Civic or a million-dollar McLaren, you'll get the same brilliant finish and VIP customer service." Javier Virgen, Founder