Our Exclusive ECO Sanitizing System

Don't Just Deodorize... Sanitize

  1. Breathe clean, fresh smelling air
  2. Eliminate mold, mildew and bacteria
  3. Reduce your risk for respiratory infections and disease
with ECO Auto Solutions' exclusive ECO Sanitizing System

Auto detailing deodorizers simply cover up foul odors. ECO Auto Solutions' exclusive ECO Sanitizing System eliminates the source by penetrating deep within the air duct system and fibers of your carpet and upholstery with organic, naturally disinfecting oils. By killing the bacteria and mildew that cause odors, not only does your car stay fresher longer, you also breathe clean air and reduce your risk for sinus problems, allergies, and respiratory infections.

Environmentally Friendly | ECO Ozone Treatment

"Good morning, Javier. Very nice of you to follow up. My wife says, 'Yes, I am extremely happy you don't smell of smoke anymore & I don't have to reach for my inhaler upon opening the truck door.' "

Mark S., Los Angeles, CA 5/26/2014 Text

ECO Ozone Treatment

  1. Destroys the toughest odors to remove, such as urine, smoke and toxic new car smell
  2. Naturally chemical free

Ozone (O3) is an active form of oxygen that combines a third particle of oxygen to the two particle oxygen (O2) that we breath. When it encounters a pollutant, that extra particle of oxygen attaches to the pollutant which neutralizes it--destroying the molecules that cause foul odors--leaving pure, non toxic air to breath.

We use this specialized intensive treatment for the most challenging odor removal.