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Waterless Auto Detail | Specialty and Exotic Auto Detailing

Do yourself a favor and have Javier take care of your car! I got the protective treatment, and now I can make my car gorgeous in minutes without the toxic gunk used at carwashes and without all of that water waste! I am so pleased. Javier is honest and does a fabulous job!!

Deb L., Santa Monica, CA 7/13/2015 Yelp

"Javier is like the Steve Jobs of car detailing."

Dustin P., Santa Monica, CA 3/10/2010 Yelp

Introducing the SHIFT-65

  1. Become a hero: save 65 gallons of water per detail.
  2. Enhance and preserve the value of your car, safely and effectively.
  3. Protect your health, and aquatic life, from the harm of toxic chemicals.
  4. Licensed and insured, love it or your money back guarantee.

Our product is an exclusive eco-friendly, biodegradable PH balanced formula which encapsulates the dirt and lifts it from the surface of the paint. Our products are plant-derived and leave your car smelling naturally fresh.

Unlike outdated "wax" based technology which deteriorates rapidly in the sun and dulls the appearance of your paint, the SHIFT-65 protective polymer coating remains to guard your car from the harmful effects of the environment and will keep your car looking cleaner and shinier longer.

You deserve to feel great in your freshly detailed vehicle knowing you did something good for your health!   And the planet!

For additional information and to get your own bottle of the SHIFT-65 go to http://theshift65.com